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Hide and Seek

Let's Put Homeschoolers into Your Child's Storybooks.

Blue Skies and Yellow Fields

Have you ever noticed that there are almost no Read Aloud Books for children which feature homeschoolers inside the pages?

This year, that changes!

Want to see homeschoolers represented in Children's Books?
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Ever notice that while there are many books on HOW to homeschool, there are almost NO fictional stories ABOUT kids who homeschool?

There are over 3.5 million parents who homeschool.

And they read to their kids. A lot.


So, we figured they would need books -- MANY books -- full of delightful acts of homeschooling.


In Homeschool PJs, Nina Batina, 6-year old homeschooler, and her grumpy little brother (who is never without fox ears and tail) wake on Monday morning, roll out of bed, and celebrate no bus today, but life instead! 


And each night, Nina is tucked into bed with a special pair of homeschool PJs which illustrate a concept that she lived that day.


On Monday, Nina learns of Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion.


…for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction….


But, unlike others, Nina gets to do Newton with her mucks on.


She’s puddle jumping, skipping rocks.
It’s Newton’s law with dirty socks! 
When boots crash down and mud erupts,
The splatter gets a big thumbs up. 

Homeschool PJs makes it simple for parents to combine educational moments with the delight of reading about a fictional family which homeschools. This beautifully crafted story will be sought out as a “first day of (home) school” book and will live on as a favored bedtime story all year long.

This project was partially funded by Vela Educational Fund as a promising “work in progress” project. Vela champions non-traditional models of K-12 education.


Sign up as a test-reader on this page. We would love to help you make even more of your year.

Colby Salzman & family
Kingston, TN

Colby age 14.JPG

Launch Team Benefits

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You help us make an illustrated book that syncs up with your yearly educational plan -- especially if you follow a classical model!

You get to read "Homeschool PJs" first with a free digital download.

You post an honest review on Amazon & tell other parents if you liked the book!

“Isn't it time our kids read about characters who homeschool in their bedtime stories?”

Father and Son Playing

Are you a loud & proud homeschool parent? 
Join the ColbyBooks Launch Team
Beta-Read "Homeschool PJs"
before its Amazon release.

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