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Cycle 2 Main (World History)

24 Books Sync'd to Weekly Memory Work

Great Pyramids, Great Wall, Castles and Knights, The Plague, Joan of Arc, Leonardo DaVinci, William Shakespeare, Ferdinand Magellan, Henry VIII, Catherine the Great, Marie Antionette, Napoleon, Henry Ford, Nicolai Tesla, Albert Einstein, Claude Monet, Sir Issac Newton, Winston Churchill, Wright Brothers, Vietnam War, Ronald Reagan, Coretta Scott King, Marie Curie, Nelson Mandela

Cycle 2 (Sibling) (World History)

Stanley and Livingstone (Week1); Temple Grandin (Week 3/4); George Washington Carver (Week 3); Age of Exploration (Week 8); Levi Strauss (Week 13); Holocaust (Week 16); Walt Whitman (Week 17); Navajo Code Breakers (Week 21); Civil Rights Movement (Week 22); Hindenburg (Week 23)

Cycle 2 MEGA SET (34 Books)

  • Cycle 2 (World History 2)

    34 Books Sync'd to Weekly Memory Work

  • Shipping is done by USPS Media Mail. $10 upcharge per set for books to be sent via Priority Mail. No express mail available. Normal rates apply for shipping overseas to fpo or apo boxes. No international shipping other than apo or fpo military addresses.

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