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How simple – a read aloud book specifically written for homeschoolers, by homeschoolers.


Catchy and bed-timey with a delightfully fun patter to read aloud. An easy pick, night-after-night, for parent and child alike.


Follow Nina and her troublesome pup as they share the most highly kept secret of all – that homeschoolers rarely do school sitting down.


Finally! A back to school book for kids… without the yellow bus!


In Homeschool PJs, 6-year old Nina wakes up each morning, leaps from bed, and celebrates “no bus today, but life instead!”  


And each night, Nina is tucked into bed with a special pair of homeschool PJs which illustrate a concept that she lived that day. 


On Monday, Nina learns of Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion.


…for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction…. 


But, unlike most kids, Nina gets to test out Newton’s Laws with her muck boots on.


She’s puddle jumping, skipping rocks.

It’s Newton’s law with dirty socks! 
When boots crash down and mud erupts,
The splatter gets a big thumbs up. 


On Tuesday,

Her classmates map out Europe’s shores,

A presentation she adores.

A Timeline song (sung way off-key)

then English, math, astronomy.


Homeschool PJs allows parents to weave classical learning conversations into bedtime, story time or anytime.


This 32 page picture book touches on physics, chemistry and fine art concepts for children in the grammar phase of learning. As an added bonus, Homeschool PJs will reinforce 7 STEM concepts.


Delight alongside your young one each time you find hidden “easter eggs” positioned throughout the book.


This beautifully crafted story will be sought out as a first day of homeschooling book and will live on as one of your most treasured read alouds for bedtime all year long. 


Home-based education is full of little moments all strung together; simple moments, learning moments, tough moments, but all moments which are made better by being lived together as a family.


So grab your littles, a favored pair of pjs, a cup of decaf (who are we kidding? you’re a homeschooler; go big or go home) and start loving all of Nina’s weekly adventures in Homeschool PJs.

Homeschool PJ Time - A Cycle 2 STEM Book

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