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Hello Homeschooling families:

My name is Colby. bundle books from the Who Was series with other excellent books for homeschoolers and sell them as matched sets to bring life to your History, Science and Arts curriculum. 

Five years ago, as part of a homeschooling entrepreneurship unit, I matched my weekly memory work to the perfect "Who Was" book.

I made the perfect match-up for the homeschooling classical model I follow. 

Each year, I have added more "add-on" freebies.


Each Cycle set now comes with:

  • 24 downloadable bookmarks,

  • 24 post-tests,

  • 24 printable certificates, 

  • 24 weekly activity plans.

Get your entire year of reading sent to your front door step... and stand-back from the stampede of kids.


We ship excellence...and you do the rest.


See all CC-matched books now!

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