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Hello, "WHO WAS" lovers:

My name is Colby. bundle Who Was books for homeschoolers and sell them as matched sets.


As part of a homeschooling entrepreneurship unit, I matched all 3 Cycles of my homeschooling schedule to the perfect "Who Was" book.


(click here to download list on next pg).

For example, if you are studying US history this year, you will want to look at Cycle 3 (modern times).

Everyone loved the idea - and asked me to bundle them into a set and sell them. It became a "One and you're done" idea.

BONUS: For Cycle 3, I have bookmarks (to download), activities (for each book), and POST-TESTS!!!

See matched sets.


P.S.  If you already have some titles or you don't like my schedule, you can substitute out any title in our bundles. We love this series of books!


For Cycle 2, I made bookmarks to go with each book. Print them out on cardstock and use the Joan of Arc bookmark in the Who Was Joan of Arc book. 

Each bookmark has 5 activities to do after reading the book. You child can go to and click on Cycle 2 Activities and then "check" it off their bookmark and write their favorite part of the book on the back.

They will then collect their 24bookmarks!


Download Cycle 2 bookmarks (10 page PDF).
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