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Blue Skies and Yellow Fields

There are almost no Read Aloud Books for children which feature homeschoolers.

ENTER: Homeschool PJ Time:

A Bedtime STEM Book

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Nina Batina & her brother Wild are modeled after our favorite homeschoolers (yours).

A book with all the delightful acts of homeschooling that you wish that children's books would highlight. 

For bedtime, story time, or any time. 

This picture book for homeschoolers will reinforce these STEM topics in a simple and reinforceable way:

  • Newton’s Laws

  • States of Matter

  • Potential and Kinetic Energy

  • Monet’s Paintings

  • Light's Reflection & Refraction

  • How Animals Adapt to Environmental Change

  • Beethoven’s 5th and more!

What do these lines from Homeschool PJ Time make you think about?

She's puddle jumping, skipping rocks.

It’s Newton’s law with dirty socks! 

When boots crash down and mud erupts,

The splatter gets a big thumbs up.


If you are a homeschooling family, you just might be thinking about apples falling from trees.


It’s Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion.


Nina gets to learn it with her muck boots on. And now, so do your kids.

Father and Son Playing

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Homeschool PJ Time: A Bedtime STEM Book has it all! STEM lessons, adventure, rhyme, activity ideas, and a celebration of being a homeschool kid!  Written by a homeschool mom who understands that lasting lessons start at home, and if you’re willing to look, you can find educational lessons all around you, from ice cubes in your cup to campfire heat.  

Homeschool PJ Time wins the trophy by offering suggestions for easy-to-understand STEM activities any child can try.  Every year, thousands of families make the decision to home-educate and Homeschool PJ Time fills a gap in the book world by celebrating the life of a homeschool family. 


Editorial Review: Michelle Proctor-Stembridge

(Library and Educational Services – A wholesale supplier of educational books)

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